Duranta Gold Mound Flower

My three Duranta gold mound (Duranta erecta “Gold Mound”), like most plants in my yard, are new and small. Each of the plants is less than 15″ (38 cm) tall. Duranta Gold MoundI chose them because the description on the tag sounded like what I needed for a small triangular area in the front:

  • low-growing evergreen shrub (average height is 24″/60 cm)
  • glowing golden-colored foliage
  • adds a splash of color in borders
  • delicate white flowers in summer (except they are blue!)

I also chose this plant because my research indicated it is drought-tolerant so it should do well with natural rainfall once established. It is growing in full sun, virtually without shade all day, so to get it established, I’m watering when the soil is dry. It is also supposed to be cold-tolerant, good down to 20 to 10 F ( -7 to -12 C). We’ll see next winter if it is as cold-tolerant as advertised.

I’m not using it as a border. I have them in a small triangle around a newly planted crepe myrtle, but there is space for another three at least. so I may decide to add more plants to fill in the area and to create more of a border effect. I’m off to the plant store tomorrow to I’ll see what they have available.

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4 responses to “Duranta Gold Mound Flower

  1. So, I am so curious to see how these meet your expectations. I loooove them. But.

    Mine all burned from two 29 degree cold spells in January of this year. Also, they get white spider mites easily in the summers, and they wilt in the hottest parts of the year. I still love them and they are really striking against any dark foliage…even grass.

  2. Thanks for the warnings. I’ll keep an eye out for the white spider mites. I’ve seen some wilting but assume that it is because they were only planted a few months ago. They are a lovely color though and I enjoy seeing them each time I step out out of the house.

    • Lois,
      I am delighted with the growth of my Duranta. They are doing well in the heat of our Florida summer and I’ve been told they will do well in winter even with the occasional frost. I’ve been in Adelaide several times during winter but never in Melbourne at that time of year. My niece is in Melbourne and is complaining of the cold. Have you had frosts recently?
      Salamat malam (salamat pagi for you, I think.)

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