Bromeliad Brown Spots

I’m investigating problems with my two of my bromeliads. I planted them on each side of the BBQ in March after purchasing them at the Tampa GreenFest. They looked healthy until last week, but now they have large brown spots on their leaves.

The soil in the backyard is almost all sand with very little organic matter. I recently mixed peat moss and black cow manure with the native “soil” (sand) to create a soil environment better suited to the flower beds. Peat moss helps to retain moisture and the manure adds organic matter to supply nutrients for the plants. The improved soil was beneficial to the other plants in the flower bed, but apparently not to the bromeliads.That is the way nature works, doesn’t it? With each change, some plants are benefited, or harmed, more than others.

Possibly the bromeliad leaves which are very close to the ground are too moist as a result. This might have made the leaves more susceptible to a fungal disease that causes the leaves to rot. I may try a double treatment, both replanting them in separate pots and applying a fungicide. By putting them in pots, I will be able to control the moisture and it will be easier to treat the fungus. I may have lost them both already, but I’ll try putting them in the plant nursery for a while to revive them.

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  1. What did you learn about the plant? I have an indoor bromeliad that I recently broke off it’s mother and replanted. It was doing fine but now it has a similar brown spot on one leaf. I’m going to cut that leaf off tonight because a similar thing happened to a yellow bromeliad I had and it died. I’m a relatively new bromeliad owner, so I’m still getting the hang of all this. Just thought we could share some plant tips!

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